Our Beliefs

What Seventh-Day Adventists Believe


As a Christian church, Seventh-day Adventists are a faith community rooted in the beliefs described by the Holy Scriptures.  Seventh-day Adventists describe these beliefs in the following ways: God’s greatest desire is for you to see a clear picture of His character and find His love irresistible.  The Bible is God’s voice, speaking His love personally to you today.  Jesus is Creator, Sustainer, Savior, Friend, God’s Son, and God Himself! God’s vision for you if life as He lives it! God loves you, and wants to give you the highest quality of life imaginable.  God loves you, and wants to spend time with you personally, one on one, as two close friends.  The Seventh day (Saturday) is an extra-special part of the relationship.  The Bible describes the seventh day as the one day God has set aside for focused fellowship with His people.  God has named that day “Sabbath” and asked us to spend it with Him.  “Remember the Sabbath day,” He says, “to keep it holy.”  The Sabbath is a whole day to deepen our friendship with the Creator of the universe! A day when we’re together, Jesus with us and us with Jesus.  Eternal life, peace, purpose, forgiveness, transforming grace, hope: Everything He promises is ours.  Accept His gifts, and you immediately become an active part of His family, and He joyfully becomes part of yours.

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